Heart to heart has a big heart for animals and has developed a specific session format for animals from a personal need. We have concluded that our intervention often signifies a turning point for the use of other resources. We work in the presence of the animal where possible, or at least in the presence of the animal’s owner. It is crucial that the animal is made aware of the session.


- Trauma constellation -

Heart to heart developed its own form of trauma constellations for animals. It is combined with sound-healing to allow love to flow again. A constellation enables the owner to gain more background information and insight into symptoms connected to the trauma. The animal experiences more peace and space, and regains its balance. Not all traumas can be drawn up in one single session.


- Sound-healing -

the Heart to heart team has experienced the beneficial effects of this healing many times. The healing creates more space and peace, and it can evolve into wholeness, love and connection. A sound-healing can take place on location as well as remotely, but we prefer to offer sound-healing in the presence of the animal and its owner if possible.