Heart to heart offers individuals a broad range of support;
in individual sessions, group programmes (growth groups) and workshops. 

Individual clients can count on Heart to heart for the following one-to-one sessions:


- Analysis consultation -

we will discuss how to frame your theme within the greater whole. This is an analysis of your current situation and gives you an understanding of how your situation is linked to other events and where repeat behaviour occurs. Thanks to the broader sightlines you will have after this discussion, peace is often created and you will know where to aim your actions. An analysis consultation mainly stays within the mental dimension.


- Assertiveness and communication training -

your unique way of being in relation to others (whether or not in specific situations) is analysed and adjusted through targeted exercises. The starting values are love and connection: you will learn to frame the signals and messages from others and you will become aware of where these touch your own themes. The willingness to feel and to distance yourself is significant in this context. We work with all dimensions in these sessions.


- Coaching -

this is where feeling is key, regardless of whether we do coaching with horses, systemic coaching, energetic coaching or a combination of several methodologies. The starting point is thinking about the situation, then we start feeling and taking action. By feeling which action suits you, peace is created and the action can be purposefully implemented in your life. We work with at least three dimensions when coaching: physical, emotional and mental.


- Family constellation (individual) -

the willingness to watch, see and feel is a crucial precondition for the ability to perform a constellation. By facing the situation and breathing, movement is created. We can assist the movement through the addition of sound. When love flows back you experience peace and evolve towards more balance. We work with all dimensions for a family configuration.


- Sound-healing -

feeling and experiencing are key here, from a supporting environment full of love. You are invited to truly come back to yourself, to relax completely and to let yourself be transported by the sound. By surrendering to what comes and by allowing yourself to be lovingly carried, you experience peace and stillness within yourself. We work with all dimensions for sound-healing sessions.




Individual clients can also join a group programme​, a so-called growth group. We work on a specific theme with a group of no more than 12 participants over a 10-week period. We get together every week to explore and exchange experiences. We grow together with the group and support one another. Participation is only possible if you have already familiarised yourself with Heart to heart through an individual session or workshop before the start of the growth group. Expected start of growth groups: January 2019.


Heart to heart is planning to run workshops on a regular basis where you can get to know more about the various aspects of our working method. Workshops may be accessible to all, or specifically aimed at people with previous knowledge of a certain methodology (such as family constellation workshops for constellation coaches).
Expected start of workshops: End of 2018/January 2019.