The way we work

Our approach is a combination of various methodologies, whereby some are more prominent, such as:


- Coaching with horses. -

Our biggest asset in our guidance is the use of horses. Horses react to the subtle signals people send out that they are often not aware of. The horse simply reacts from what it is, without interpretation or judgment. Through its evolution of herd living for thousands of years, the horse - as a prey animal - is forced to quickly detect minutely subtle signals in its environment, and to react appropriately to these. The same occurs during guidance: the horse reacts appropriately to the bodily signals you send out, often subconsciously. By experimenting with the horse, you gain more understanding of inconsistencies in your signals: what aspects show a hiatus between what you send out consciously and subconsciously? Because the horse reacts purely from its ‘being’ every time, you can experiment repeatedly, which contributes to heightening your (bodily) consciousness. The result is that your internal and external communications become clearer and your balance is improved.


- Systemic constellations -

The systemic perspective as developed by Bert Hellinger forms the basis of this methodology, which is the central theme of our guidance. By framing matters within the background of the family configuration or the organisational system, your view becomes broader and you will detect associations that seemed invisible before. Many issues can be deducted and linked to previous generations/situations and deserve recognition/acknowledgment in order to move forward. Framing matters based on this perspective, you can often develop insight, space and peace, which contribute to the perception of balance within yourself.


- Energetic coaching -

Through visualisations and targeted feeling and breathing, we can use energetic coaching exercises to bring situations into sharper focus so that our resilience increases and we evolve towards more balance. We developed a parallel methodology that includes the horses and has the same results for those who are less attuned to visualisation. Such exercises bring you closer to yourself and bring the direction you can/want to follow with your life into better focus. You take responsibility for regrouping your own energy, enabling you to experience balance.


- Shamanism and sound-healing -

Our vision on love and connection completely aligns with shamanism, which is based on spirituality in everything around us. The use of sound-healing is a specific way of working within shamanism. We mainly use sound-healing to unblock situations that have stagnated at first glance. By inserting sound, the situation starts to move so that love can flow back and the situation can evolve into more balance.