The philosophy of the 4 dimensions from the Oriental Tao tradition forms the central thread of the services offered by Heart to heart. We are convinced that a combination of several dimensions has advantages and positively contributes to the installation and integration of the experiences gathered during a session. For this reason, we will always combine several dimensions on our guidance and support.


- The physical dimension -

This dimension has the highest density of the four and forms an important basis for us as humans. As all learning is physical, the physical dimension forms the main factor in our guidance. By encouraging you to do and try things via your body, we enable you to feel your unique way.
The contact with horses also teaches you to be more aware of your body and the signals it sends. You will get to know your body’s subtle actions and reactions, teaching you how to work with it purposefully. A heightened awareness in your physical dimension is a logical consequence of this.
Heart to heart encourages every client to make time for his or her body during an intensive guidance process. By combining Heart to heart sessions with a form of bodywork, massage, osteopathy, but also tai chi, sauna, etc., you support your body to let go of the old and to integrate the newly gathered knowledge. Supporting your physical body through body treatment contributes to your growth and the perception of balance.


- The emotional dimension -

This dimension seems more temperamental and turbulent than the other dimensions, because sometimes you experience or feel that you are being overwhelmed by an emotion, which is often unpleasant. Heart to heart wants to offer clients the safety to feel and to experience the emotion without being swept away by it. By allowing acceptance and feeling the message within the emotion, you will experience the greater whole and find peace.
Heart to heart asks its clients to be prepared to feel what is there, from the here and now. Our guidance offers you the security and support to enter into this experience. We ask that you trust us not to abandon you and that experiencing what is there constitutes the ultimate step to move through the process. Afterwards there is always the relief, peace and balance.
During your interaction with the horses you may notice that emotions catapult you back into your past: old patterns or wounds become visible and palpable. However, these are not connected to the judgment-less here and now sphere the horse moves in. By experiencing this, you can regain your inner balance and from there, react appropriately in the here and now, completely liberated from the patterns or wounds from the past. As you evolve through the growth process, you will experience peace and balance regardless of the emotion that certain situations evoke. Your new way of acting becomes separate from past injury.


- The mental dimension -

A different way of describing the mental dimension is ‘thinking’. Your thinking helps you to grasp a great deal: you can zoom out from situations to regard the greater whole, you can zoom in to analyse in more detail, etc. Creating contexts or frameworks via the mental dimension can be important to keep yourself safe. You can run through various scenarios in your thoughts.
In the guidance we give you, Heart to heart takes into account your mental dimension by assessing and framing your actions and our proposed methodologies. We always keep in mind the larger and smaller perspective. By preparing the experience mentally, a safe context is created for experimenting. After this, feeling becomes a priority once again.


- The spiritual dimension -

This dimension is the most rarefied of the four and forms an important principle in the function of Heart to heart. Anyone is free to interpret this dimension completely in line with his or her own needs and preferences. Heart to heart works from the perspective of spirituality and connection in everything around us. 
Heart to heart values the integration of the spiritual dimension in its guidance. A session has more depth when the greater whole is acknowledged and experienced. The horse’s pure being from love and connection, and the sound-healing - whether or not in combination with other methodologies - touches each person in the sphere of the spiritual dimension. You become peaceful deep within yourself, which creates balance.