About us

Heart to heart originated from a desire to share with others the unique supporting strength that horses have. By experiencing personally how horses almost continuously bring you learning possibilities without judging what you do with those possibilities, and by realising that ongoing contact creates more and more insight into your own functioning, it became clear that this is exactly what Heart to heart wants to represent...
using our team to support and assist people in their growth from a position of love and connection.

The methodology of Heart to heart is based on the Oriental Tao philosophy, and more specifically the 4 dimensions within it: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. We believe any approach that combines several dimensions has more chance of achieving a permanent, lasting change and to install a new belief or pattern. Read more about our underlying philosophy here.


Our preference is to allow you to experience
the loving, connective support that
the horse and team can offer


With a broad foundation of diverse courses and training, Heart to heart has developed its own multidisciplinary methodology whereby the objective is to make all methods accessible for sessions with or without horse(s). We can also offer you entirely effective guidance and high-quality support from the same method perspective without the use of horses, but it goes without saying that our preference is to allow you to experience the loving, connective support that the horse and team can offer.
Read more about our methodology here.

From its own background, Heart to heart works with certain themes which are of special personal interest, and which have therefore been taken as a thread when choosing courses and training. This means that a certain expertise has developed over time, allowing us to work on these themes in a more focused and efficient manner. The main themes are: prenatal traumas (such as lone twins), the mother wound and father wound, educational themes (for pupils, teachers and anyone engaged in education), communication (assertiveness, social skills and customer-friendliness), transitional organisations (changes in structure, target group etc of an existing organisation). Read more about our specialisations here.