Heart to heart has much to offer to various target groups.

Heart to heart is aimed at everyone who wishes to utilise the unique supporting power of horses to create more balance. We have most expertise in dealing with young adolescents and adults, but upon request and with an preliminary consultation, we can also work with young children (from 3 years of age). People with a mild mental or physical disability can also benefit from our guidance. Read more about our offers for individuals here.

For companies, Heart to heart offers guidance options for various aspects. For instance, if you are a supervisor or manager, we can support you in your leadership. In this, Heart to heart uses the philosophy of the lead mare in a herd: leading from a perspective of considering the greater good. But we can also help with in-company training for your employees. Our customised training courses are always based on a preliminary consultation and offer discussion beforehand. Companies undergoing organisational changes can also call on us for organisational constellations. Read more about our offers for companies here.

Heart to heart offers targeted guidance for animals, specifically for small pets and horses. We can help you with trauma constellations for your pet: we combine systemic constellations with sound-healing to bring balance for your pet. You could also opt for ‘pure’ sound-healing without constellation work. Heart to heart offers these sessions on location or via remote treatment. Read more about our offers for animals here.