The team at Heart to heart works very closely together to offer you the best possible support. Depending on your theme, a proposal will be put forward to work with one or more horses, or even with the entire herd. However, the same high-quality and multidisciplinary approach applies when horses are not used.


- Godelieve -

As a personal growth process counsellor, I am responsible for supporting your unique process, whereby I act as your assistant and make suggestions for possible methodologies that could lead you to your solution. You are in charge of deciding on your pace and which methodology most appeals to you for further examination of your theme. You are also free to choose a methodology from our services.


- In memoriam: Sally River Meadows -

Sally was our lead mare, who assisted many people on the path to themselves from her position of gentleness, trust, open hart and connection. Sally continued to reach out lovingly to everyone, despite a past of grave mistreatment. Anyone who came into contact with her was deeply touched by her enormous heart.
Unfortunately, we were forced to have Sally put to sleep on 17 August 2018. She had been a special member of our team for three years and we will miss her terribly. In our hearts she will always be our lead mare... After all, she was a founding member of Heart to heart and therefore she deserves a loving mention here..


- Sasha -

Sasha is the ‘pure’ horse in our team. She lived in a herd until she was 9 years old, when she was captured. She came to us a month later. This means Sasha is mentally very strong; her strength and survival mentality go hand in hand. Sasha looks straight into your soul... there’s no fooling her. In order to achieve something with her, you will have to work together. She shows you how she experiences you in all her pureness.


- Louka -

Louka is our most multidimensionally ‘trained’ horse: she can pull a carriage, carry a rider... nothing is too much for her. She is a loving and caring follower from a deep level of connection. If you take the time to completely bond with yourself, Louka will show you your growth potential. She envelops you in her tenderness and offers you the secure space to be at one with the experience.


- Buttercup -

We call Buttercup our ‘young force’: very curious, sometimes a little intrusive, she challenges you to occupy your space completely. She likes working with you, as long as you are honest with yourself. A firm leader can use resolute tenderness to offer her the safety required for her to follow.


- New team members -

We leave our horses in peace to process recent happenings. In the meantime, we are looking for new members that can strengthen our team. After that, we will allow our horses the opportunity to get to know each other and to let the herd evolve. The new herd members will not be used for sessions for the time being.