Sally’s page


Because our former lead mare, Sally River Meadows, played a big role in the foundation of Heart to heart and as she continued to reach out lovingly to others, we wish to give her a personal page that symbolises perfectly how she was. 

In the same way that Sally always reached out to those she came into contact with, Heart to heart wants to reach out with a warm heart to the most important organisations, initiatives and people we know personally and recommend the services they provide. Of course, this list is in random order and does not seek to dismiss other initiatives.



- Family constellations / educational constellations -

Hilde Van Bulck - The New Life Experience
transformation programme family constellations with educational specialisation
educational constellations – family constellations - readings

Johan & Titine Warmenbol Migom – Lita Works
soul constellations, family constellations, systemic constellations – sacred contract (spiritual astrological consultation)


- Shamanism -

Frank Coppieters & Kathy Melcher - The Living Light Center
Inspired Guidance (Dutch and English language) – shamanistic retreats

Roel Crabbé & Griet Heylen - Anam Cara
training for shamanism / sound-healing – Spirit activation circle
women’s workshop ‘Soul Remembrance’ & ‘Holy Marriage’
​ ​​​​

Stefaan Loncke & Cin Blokeel – Ahawa
​training for Celtic shamanism – full moon ceremonies – Golden Snake healing circle


- Instruments -

Patrik Niels & Myriam Cayet - Merlyn
our trusted go-to place for more than 10 years, where we purchase our instruments for healing

Suka Waka
creation of shamanistic drums and power objects to order​


- Nutritional advice -

Kathleen Quagebeur – Nutriq
dietician – nutritional expert


- Bodywork -

Maika De Bisschop – osteopathie

Goedele Heidbuchel – fasciatherapie


- Design and creation of personal juwellery -

Peter Vercauteren & Diane Entbrouxk
Juwellery design - goldsmith

Goedele Heidbuchel – fasciatherapie


- Initiatives from colleagues - warmly recommended -

Katleen De Bosscher, Saskia De Meyer, ea.- Zon-zijn
Activities that enable you to find your peace – for children, young people and adults

Anne-Marie Cox – Be-Visible, move and create
Constellations through walks, creative play and correct breathing – for children and adults

Sjoeke Knockaert, ea. – Werk met Zin
Career guidance, coaching and inspiration for individuals and organisations​

Kitty – Energie-ling
Relaxation and energetic massages – power items on order​​